2009 House Party Series


9Davine has announced plans to promote a series of house parties this summer through winter. All events will be captured on video and catalogued at this website – the performances, crowd interviews, behind the scenes mischief, you name it! Check back as we name the backing band, business manager, video production house, street team, and more in coming weeks.

9Davine recently articulated his vision for these events…
“I want to break down any remaining boundaries between performer and audience. I want to place 5 Flip Mini video cameras in the hands of roving party goers and see what happens. some parties will be chill while others will be complete chaos. A professional videographer will be on board with us, and we’ll upload the videos as soon as we have them produced.”

The best part about these events is that they’ll be free to the hosts. There will be a short list of co-marketing requests made by 9Davine to be fulfilled by the hosts and their contacts (to be determined). If you’re curious about hosting 9Davine at your party, please complete the form.

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